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Counseling & Psychotherapy


Welcome to my practice.

I have maintained a private practice providing individual, couples, and group psychotherapy in the Los Angeles area for the last 23 years. 

I strive to help you with your overall level of happiness, personal growth, self-acceptance in both your personal as well as professional life.  I believe the struggles and pain of life can be used to create insight, meaning, and change through constructive dialog in the therapeutic environment.

Life is certainly not easy, and sometimes it becomes extremely difficult, but how we cope with life's challenges is the part we can most readily address.

I provide individual therapy, couples therapy, and telemedicine (via video conferencing) for all kinds of people, whether LGBTQ or straight and specialize in relationship problems, social anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse and gay men’s issues.  I have two offices, one on Wilshire at Crescent Heights and the other in West Hollywood, where I see a limited number of patients.

Depending on the individual need of the client, I draw from different therapeutic modalities and theories such as Emotionally Focused TherapyCognitive Behavioral TherapyJungian TheoryImago Relationship TherapyObject RelationsGestalt, and Morita and Naikan.  My clients are individuals and sometimes one approach or combination of approaches works better, depending on individual needs.  I share with you my experience, knowledge and observations, drawing on over twenty years of therapeutic practice.




Wilshire Location:  

6363 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 607
Los Angeles, CA 90048

My Virtual Office:

West Hollywood location currently closed to new patients

(323) 650-7313

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"We don't so often make a mistake in our choice of partner as we do in the conclusions we draw about our experience with that partner."

-J. Reith-Thompson



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