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How well do you communicate with each other?

Relationship Issues

When our relationships are in trouble, the stakes are high. We all make mistakes, but this is the part of our lives where mistakes can have such devastating consequences. I can help you improve the level of compassion and connection in your relationship, identify and change negative and destabilizing patterns, and improve communication and emotional engagement.  I can also help you evaluate and decide whether to hang in there or to make that painful decision to walk away.  I believe that it takes a very specific kind of person to be our partner, and that there is always something we can learn from the patterns and experiences we have in the area of intimate relationships.

Infidelity and affairs are devastating on so many levels.  The trauma of the betrayal can bring on a type of pain that is hard to even comprehend.  I work to create an environment to stabilize the initial shock and then to begin helping couples separate the pain of the discovery from the larger picture of their relationship as a whole.  An affair is never a black and white event, although the tendency is often to make it so.  While not condoning infidelity, I do believe that something can be learned through weathering the experience.  And it is this learning which makes for the strongest and clearest decisions about the future.


Affairs and Infidelity


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